My Story

Welcome to Therese’s adventure, sharing some of my life’s experiences, journeys and discoveries.

Born in the historic gold mining town of Charters Towers, North Queensland, Australia then from about 2 years, growing up in the North Queensland coastal town of Townsville. My family spent many a week-end on Magnet Island and looking back, there were no televisions, homes and cars were left safely unlocked, we played in the neighbourhood as part of our backyards and the milkman left the daily delivery on the front steps. My heritage is predominately Irish on my father’s side and Scottish on my mother’s side.

Now living in Sydney, since finishing school my life has taken me in many directions, including working in New Zealand and London.  My travels have taken me to many parts of the world, along the west coast of North America, from California to Alaska, from London to Nepal by bus through Yugoslavia, Isfahan and Bam in Iran, seeing camel caravans in southern Pakistan, the Golden Temple and Taj Mahal in India and Mt Everest of the Himalayas in Nepal, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, India, Europe and Mongolia.  Australia, my homeland, has not been forgotten, having visited areas of all states and territories at different times.

Of the many moments, probably some of the most memorable would be moose hunting in the Alaskan wilderness, the Vancouver folk festival, the ice fields, sand dunes and flaming cliffs of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, the architecture and art galleries of Europe, Iran’s Mosques in Isfahān and the ancient mud city of Bamlunch at Turkey’s Roman ruins in Ankara, Disney Land cannot be left out, theatre in Russia, the darkness of the underground motel in the Australia gold fields town of White Cliff, learning to ski at Falls Creek and how the small, native wild flowers of Western Australia make such a beautifully coloured landscape.

My website includes the tabs of  ‘life’, which is a collection of family and friends’ events and news and ‘travel’, which has been an important part of my life.  Often out exploring my local neighbourhood, city and the world there are posts of some of my ventures which is continually being added to.