South-East Asia

Bangkok –  1979 New Years Eve between Patpong and the sunrise ceremony of  Buddhist monks releasing birds  in the park,Wat Phra Kaew Temple of the Emerald Buddha,   the clamour of a modern city that never sleeps with an ancient heart, frenetic roads, bright lights, cruise down the khlongs (canals), Chao Phraya river, National museum, China town, traditional dancing, chaotic markets, shopping, spiritual temples, grand palace, tuk-tuk rides and Thai cuisine before taking the train through Thailand and Malaysia to Singapore.

Colourful countryside of rice fields, village life and national parks

Malaysia 1980


Kuala Lumpur – cosmopolitan capital of Malaysia, an early breakfast at the local cafe

Singapore 1980  – hustle and bustle of this modern city with an ancient heart

Orchard Road, Peoples Garden, China Town, Aquarium, Sentosa Island


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